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SLIM - True Black


Misterny dotyk do słynnego spiralnego kształtu ORIGINAL: oto nowe invisibobble® SLIM. Jego kolor St Taupez wygląda delikatnie na włosach i jak modna bransoletka na nadgarstku. Bez żadnego wysiłku invisibobble® SLIM tworzy sprężystego kucyka lub pełen objętości kok.  

  • elegancka obrączka do włosów
  • delikatna look
  • wysoki komfort noszenia
  • kochający włosy
  • mocny chwyt
  • bez spłukiwania
  • narzędzie do upięć
  • stylowa bransoletka

Kolor: True Black

Zawartość: 1 Pkg. zawiera 3 invisibobble®.

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Andrea Brunner 31419
Behält nicht ganz seine Form

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I love Invisibobble® because these spiral hair ties are less damaging, tracessless, non-soaking (they are made of polyurethane = artificial resin), hygienic and durable. When my invisibobble is not in my hair I keep it around my wrist to always have access to it (finally a hair tie I don't lose!).
I prefer a very dark and opaque color as clear and light-colored hair spirals can get tinted overtime and look dirty, and I also had some with the colored thread inside and the thread broke. If it is too stretched and/or twisted I use heat (placing in it boiling water) and it really helps (but it never shrinks back to its pre-use size); unfortunately even if SLIM Invisibobbles look prettier at first sight, they stretch and get twisted more than ORIGINAL and you may need heat after each use while an ORGINAL almost never needs it.
I wish they had more adult opaque colors and matte, metallic or holographic effect, or even scented spirals in their permanent offer. Would be nicer too if they were seamless or if the welding was improved (on some spiral ties it's not smooth at all). Less packaging would be great as well or reusable/compostable. ⅏ 

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